About Us

The Founding members and committee are local therapists who share a commitment and enthusiasm for their work with children and families. 

Sue is a member of a large step-family and has a background in parenting education.  A qualified and accredited counsellor, with a post graduate qualification in Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health at the Tavistock Clinic. She set up a parenting support project at Saunderton Lodge and has experience of working with primary school children at the Place2be and Buckinghamshire Mind in the Children and Young People's Counselling service. She is an experienced facilitator and has run a range of workshops for adults and therapeutic groups for children.

Lorraine  is a qualified, accredited counsellor/psychotherapist with 12 years’ experience within both the voluntary and statutory sectors.  She is currently working as an independent counsellor and supervisor.  Lorraine has a range of experience which includes counselling support to women and children at Feltham’s Women’s Centre, and as a counsellor at Youth Enquiry Service in Wycombe, working with 13 to 25 year olds, where she was involved in developing their sexual health drop-in service and on-line counselling.  Lorraine has worked for Buckinghamshire Mind both as a counsellor in their adult service and latterly as a therapist working with families and children within their Children and Young People’s Service.  She has been a facilitator on anger management and self-esteem workshops and has training in mediation and couples counselling.  Lorraine holds a post-graduate qualification in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and an Advanced Certificate in Working with Children and Families.

Simon is a registered Play Therapist and supervisor who has many years experience of working with children who have had complex trauma in their life. His work has largely been for local authorities and health clinics as well as working independently. He works alongside parents in seeking better family communications about difficulties that enable the children to overcome their issues and continue to thrive. He offers individual work for children and adolescents, parenting support for parents or carers as well as family work. Simon is also a trainer for professionals and parents on issues of better communicating with children.

Before becoming a psychotherapist Karen had a long career in education. She spent many years working with children who experienced a variety of difficulties both socially and educationally. These difficulties were variously recognised as Dyslexia, ADHD, BESD, ASD, language difficulties and social communication difficulties. She has worked with  school phobics and children and young people with extremely high levels of anxiety and trauma.   Karen began training as an Integrative Child Psychotherapist in 2009 and completed an Advanced Diploma in 2011 and a MA in 2014.   She currently works in several schools in Buckinghamshire and sees some private clients. As part of the Bucks Family Network she is active in assessing children and young people’s needs and matching them to the most helpful form of therapy and expertise within the team. She also facilitates on family workshops for parents and children.   The way Karen works therapeutically includes play centred work, art, clay, drama, puppetry, music, narrative and body work. If appropriate a mindfulness component is included  within the sessions.   Karen  generally offers long term work in order that trauma, loss and relational difficulties can be addressed in a timely and safe way to promote effective healing and change. 

Jane worked locally in the voluntary sector as an Office Manager for over 20 years.  Along the way she did some family support work as a volunteer for Home-Start and took time out to do an Access course, leading on to a three year Advanced Diploma in Counselling.  Since qualifying over ten years ago, Jane has worked as a volunteer counsellor for two local charities.  Jane is passionate about children and families having the opportunity to improve their emotional and psychological well-being to help them live happy and fulfilling lives and is delighted to be involved with the administration of Bucks Family Network.


John is a supervisor and accredited counsellor.  He works predominantly with adults, in general practice, dealing with issues like anxiety and low mood, bereavement and loss, indeed any form of distress. When couples and families are receiving therapy, there is often one family member who will be in need of some individual care … changes in the family system can be confusing and difficult to manage, some handle change better than others, or there may be someone who is having difficulty making sense of what is happening. Before becoming a counsellor, John worked in industry, which brings a groundedness to his approach, an understanding of making things work in a practical way, meeting the needs of the individual as a member within a family system, a work culture, and the environment. Much of his work comes from private healthcare, employee assistance programmes, and referrals from previous clients. He teaches mindfulness meditation and certain specialist training for therapists.  

Caroline is a qualified and accredited systemic Psychotherapist ( Family Therapist) with over 20 years experience of working with young people and their families. She is delighted to be part of The Bucks Family Network and will be available to offer therapy from September 2014.
She holds a BA (Hons) degree from Leicester University and has further trained and worked as a Social Worker (Cardiff University) and Creative Arts Psychotherapist ( Hertfordshire University.) She  is accredited to UKCP and  HCP. 
Caroline has worked in many different settings including Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services within the NHS, Social Care, private practice and facilitating group work in acute adult psychiatric settings.
Caroline is passionate about children and young peoples' emotional and psychological well being. She considers that it is essential to listen to families, to understand what goals they want to set themselves and to work collaboratively with them to achieve this.
Her trainings and experience enable her to offer a flexible and responsive approach that can be adapted to changing needs as therapy progresses.
Caroline has a particular interest and experience in working with deliberate self harm, low mood, divorce and separation issues and parenting challenges. She appreciates that considering therapy can be quite a daunting prospect and, without further obligation, would be very happy to discuss any further questions that you might have for her. 

Davina is a qualified person-centred counsellor working with adults and young people. She has extensive experience working with young people and young adults (aged 13-25) in a variety of roles; including school programmes, training roles with local and national charities, one-to-one support to Young Carers and holds a part-time youth work qualification.  
Davina has specialised in working with young people, counselling for Youth Concern as well as in her private practice. In addition to her counselling qualifications, Davina holds a BA (Hons) in Human and Education Studies.

Sandy is a qualified child psychotherapist with a background in special-needs education, nurture group provision and charity work. He previously trained in psychology and has wide ranging experience as a specialist support worker with vulnerable and at risk primary aged children. During this formative period he discovered his true passion for working therapeutically utilising the healing power of the arts. His work as a therapist centres on providing a safe, playful and creative environment which allows children to process life experiences through talking and the arts – including painting, puppets, music and drama. He works in private practice, schools and with community organisations - both teaching and running parenting workshops – to empower young people and their families to flourish emotionally and develop supportive, caring relationships.

Justine is a qualified Person Centred Counsellor working with parents, children and young people. Currently working as a School Counsellor in a number of schools is experienced in working with primary and secondary aged children. Justine holds a BA (Hons) in Early Years Education and has over 15 years experience of working with children and families. Justine has worked with the Charity Terence Higgins Trust, which supports families living with HIV, she has also volunteered with the Family Resilience Service working with families on the child protection register. Justine is qualified to run the Parenting Program Triple P as well as the Government backed Program FRIENDS which is tailored around supporting the emotional resilience of children, young people and families. Justine is also able to teach meditation to children and young people through the program Calm Kids. 

Bucks Family Network is delighted to welcome a new member to the team – Dylan, a 1 year old miniature poodle! Dylan is owned by network member, Lorraine Leeper. He is a PAT (Pets As Therapy) approved visiting dog and accompanies Lorraine on therapeutic visits to schools, residential homes, and psychiatric units. Dylan also works alongside Lorraine as an animal co-therapist, supporting her therapy work with clients presenting with anxiety, depression, and phobias. Because of his calm acceptance of, and attunement to humans, Dylan has proven his value when working with children on the autistic spectrum, and children with ADHD. BFN is excited by the addition of Animal- Assisted Therapeutic Intervention to the range of therapeutic support we are able to offer families, children, and young people in Buckinghamshire.
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