Frequently asked questions

How long will I wait before my child is seen?
We respond within 24 hours of initial contact and our aim is for the client to be contacted by a therapist within a few days.

Where will my child be seen?
Therapy would take place at various locations throughout Buckinghamshire. In exceptional circumstances it may be possible for the therapist to attend the family home if there is a separate suitable room available.

How many sessions will my child need and how long do the sessions last?
The number of sessions depends on the child, however we usually work in 12 week blocks with regular reviews of the work. Sessions last for 45-50 minutes.

How will I be involved as a parent?
We aim to work collaboratively with parents and caregivers. You will be invited to attend regular reviews and we may offer separate sessions to support your parenting.

How do I know which therapy is appropriate for my child?
This depends on the age of the child or young person and the presenting issue. This will be discussed and agreed with you during the assessment.

What does confidentiality mean?
What happens during the sessions remains confidential between the therapist and the child or young person (with certain child protection exceptions) However, the therapist would give general feedback about how your child is getting on.

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