When might families consider family therapy?

Research has shown that children, young people and their families can benefit from Family Therapy when they are faced with stressful circumstances and relationship problems. In a non- blaming environment, family therapy facilitates a space whereby each family members' view and understanding of a particular problem can be heard. This enables families to express and explore difficult thoughts and emotions safely, to understand the different views within families and for families to unlock their strengths and full potential.

It is often the case, that families encounter difficulties during stressful times of change such as during a separation, after a bereavement or during the adolescent stage of childhood. Families tell us that they feel 'stuck' in terms of how they communicate with one another and need to do something different but are unsure as to what this might be.

Family therapy can address these issues by allowing some reflection on old family patterns and allowing families to recreate new ways of being with one another.

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