What can we help with?
Our Counsellors and Therapists are trained to work with many issues or areas of difficulty, helping children to:
  • Communicate and understand feelings
  • Work through overwhelming events such as divorce, changing schools etc
  • Explore feelings of fear,worry and anxiety
  • Understand overwhelming angry feelings
  • Cope with loss or grief
  • To become more playful and have fun
We can also work with young people who are experiencing:
  • Difficulty with relationships; peer pressure, gangs, loneliness, alienation, violence and bullying
  • Family issues; relationships with parents, sibling rivalry
  • Self esteem: emotional eating, self-harm, depression, identity and direction
  • Learning difficulties: dyslexia, concentration problems, autism, aspergers and ADHD
We recognise the importance of the parent-child relationship and the value of working with families to help facilitate deeper understanding; to improve relationships and to help you find ways to support your child.
We would also recommend referral to other agencies where appropriate and necessary.
Appointments are available after school and Saturday mornings

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